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Fiction and Nonfiction

Working with Amy was an indispensable piece of completing and self-publishing my book. When I first contacted her, I had a completed book but no clue what to do next, and no clue if it was even readable. Amy provided a lot of much-needed advice and feedback, in addition to editing, and was so kind and supportive. Her perspective as a reader was very valuable and led to many improvements. You couldn’t ask for a better collaborator as an indie author.
— Sandra Schmidt, author of Ghost & Goal
From a creative’s perspective Amy’s editing style is pragmatic, yet elegant. She knows how to take a writer’s thoughts and sharpen them to a razor’s edge. On its own my story had the heart to win, but Amy made it lean and mean, and gave it the teeth it needed to have a fighting chance in the open market. She also has the rare skill of suggesting a change while at the same time encouraging the creative to enhance their style. Thanks to Amy, my writing style continues to evolve beyond the typical fan fiction forum post to that of a professional novelist.
— R. E. Bender, author of Ranger 8
My book would not have made it anywhere without your wonderful, sensitive guidance and editing.
— Joanne Intrator, M.D., author of Summons to Berlin (forthcoming).
Amy, you are amazing. Thank you for your incredible work in bringing this book into being.
— Harry Nelson, author of The United States of Opioids: Liberating a Nation in Pain
Before I found Amy via the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), I was already a successful novelist. But although I was proud of my Fortune’s Fool equestrian fiction series, finding someone competent to edit my work had been a challenge. Quite often, I found myself having to re-edit the editing I had paid for; worse yet, sometimes editors would change the tone of my work to make it suit their own tastes, rather than actually prune and proofread the manuscript as I wished. With Amy, I finally found someone who understood what I was trying to achieve with my novels and had the tools to help me realize my vision.
   Working with Amy, I’ve produced four new books in my Fortune’s Fool series, a contemporary YA novel (Pride, Prejudice, and Personal Statements), and a historical mystery novel (A Study in Scarlet Marquis). It’s a great relief to have someone I can trust to deliver a manuscript on time, in easy-to-read condition, and who will also tell me what works as well as what doesn’t work in my draft.
   As someone who also works as a writer and editor, I firmly believe in the need for having an outside eye upon any written document. Repetitive adjectives, missing commas, and other things that the writer’s eye grows accustomed to after multiple re-readings of a draft require an editor to spot. I feel very fortunate to have Amy’s eagle eye to prevent such mishaps, and to have an editor who genuinely enjoys and has pride and passion in the work she performs. I could not recommend Amy more highly.
— Mary Pagones, author of  the Fortune’s Fool novel series; Pride, Prejudice, and Personal Statements; and A Study in Scarlet Marquis
Once again Amy Spungen took over the controls to skillfully guide our flight. … She consistently exercised a high degree of professionalism and attention to grammatical safety to bring us to our destination. Thank you, Captain Spungen.
— Earl E. Rogers, author of Captain II

Organization Communications & Web Content

Amy, you have the magic touch. Honestly, I’ve never had a better editor.
— Tracy Marks, Beyond Words Strategic Communication
In addition to her unparalleled copyediting skills, I can’t say enough good things about Amy’s professionalism and attention to detail—both are key to our success in updating web content. Amy connected with our faculty quickly and easily, created polished profiles for each of them, and made sure that they were presented accurately. The icing on the cake is in how she always seeks to improve things—noting inconsistencies and opportunities for connections that could have easily been missed if not for her conscientiousness. I am fortunate to have found Amy and continue to look for ways that we can work together.
—Kristin Gecan, Director of Content + Influence, IIT Institute of Design
Amy edited the technical website for Pyramid Space, ensuring that it is grammatically correct and easily read. Much of our information deals with high technology and as designers/developers, our technical writers tend to be well, technical. Amy not only aided our writing, but also led us to rework the website for easy navigation and quick information that informs the reader without unnecessary details. The end result was a simple, professional site for both rocket scientists and generalists. We at Pyramid Space highly recommend Amy Spungen to be your editor and writing advisor.
— Eric M. Heininger, President & CEO, Pyramid Space Inc.
During my 38 years at the Garden, you have been by far the best editor I have worked with—professional, talented, flexible, not-crazed, kind, and responsible.
— Kris Jarantoski, Former Executive Vice President and Director,
Chicago Botanic Garden

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