Here’s what they say:

Fiction and Nonfiction

Working with Amy was an indispensable piece of completing and self-publishing my book. When I first contacted her, I had a completed book but no clue what to do next, and no clue if it was even readable. Amy provided a lot of much-needed advice and feedback, in addition to editing, and was so kind and supportive. Her perspective as a reader was very valuable and led to many improvements. You couldn’t ask for a better collaborator as an indie author.
—Sandra Schmidt, author of Ghost & Goal
Amy, you are amazing. Thank you for your incredible work in bringing this book into being.
— Harry Nelson, author of The United States of Opioids: Liberating a Nation in Pain
Thank you so much for your thoroughness, as always. I feel so grateful now that when I work on a book I have an editor I can trust!
— Mary Pagones, author of The Horse Is Never Wrong and the novel series Fortune’s Fool
Once again Amy Spungen took over the controls to skillfully guide our flight. … She consistently exercised a high degree of professionalism and attention to grammatical safety to bring us to our destination. Thank you, Captain Spungen.
— Earl E. Rogers, author of Captain II

Organization Communications & Web Content

Amy, you have the magic touch. Honestly, I’ve never had a better editor.
— Tracy Marks, Beyond Words Strategic Communication
Amy Spungen edited the technical website for Pyramid Space, ensuring that it is grammatically correct and easily read. Much of our information deals with high technology and as designers/developers, our technical writers tend to be well, technical. Amy not only aided our writing, but also lead us to rework the website for easy navigation and quick information that informs the reader without unnecessary details. The end result was a simple, professional site for both rocket scientists and generalists. We at Pyramid Space highly recommend Amy to be your editor and writing advisor.
— Eric M. Heininger, President & CEO, Pyramid Space Inc. http://www.pyramidspace.space
During my 38 years at the Garden, you have been by far the best editor I have worked with—professional, talented, flexible, not-crazed, kind, and responsible.
— Kris Jarantoski, Former Executive Vice President and Director,
Chicago Botanic Garden
I am not one to pepper emails with exclamation points, but this next sentence deserves one. Thank you for this truly excellent edit! It offers important insight about the detail desired in an integrated piece.
— Helen K. Marshall, Freelance Writer
Thank you for all your helpful questions and revisions. Your editing skills are superb.
— Jeff Link, Journalist
You have been the consummate editor and so generous with addressing my many questions.
— Anya S. Maziak, Director, Foundation and Government Relations,
Chicago Botanic Garden

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